Thursday, 24 July 2014

Questions:Life's Blazing Bonfires Of Discovery and Growth

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he's one who asks the right questions.”
- Claude Lévi-Strauss

Growth happens when life starts seeking answers. When it starts throwing out a query to the Cosmos.
It's argued that science comes to a grinding halt the moment questions vanish from its play field. This is equally true for life as well. Questions define our growth,progress,evolution,fulfillment.Or otherwise.

Relationship Of Questions
Questions can be related to your business,finance,relationships,health,emotional fulfillment.The Bible says “ask and you shall receive”;which presupposes that asking is the currency for receiving.So ask you must,question you must;before you receive.In Einstein or Newton’s case (and many scores of eminent scientists) entire mankind benefited from epic discoveries from their scientific asking.Yet,flashlight in hand, we are looking at questions in areas other than science alone.

Comfort Zone Under Threat
Questions can be scary because of their destabilising potential  and so the ornery guy is pretty okay without their barbs.They upset your "groove";that favourite ,warm ,fuzzy ,comfort zone of unchanging slumber.Of course that zone is  more often a valley of decay and "atrophy".Instead searching questions only induce "entropy".In lay terms entropy stands for heightened activity.And an important activity that culminates either in growth,or decay,depending on the important element;the question.

 The Power Of A Single Query
A single question has changed the life of millions.It has changed the course of  history,more than once.A great question affects the seeker positively,and brings out the best in them.It nourishes the desire for fulfillment.It goads you to seek,to knock,to push against closed doors.Another question under similar stimulus may only induce an equally feeble response. You know it when you ask the "differentiating" question.A differentiating question is the demarcation between empowerment and weakness.Its the difference you make when you ask "what do I gain out of this?",and "what can I make out of this".One question is a pecking bird, perched on a decaying tree trunk of reluctance, eyes averted.The other, is a willing worker;sleeves rolled up, ready to strike gold.

 Questions We Unconsciously Ask.
Throughout life we are in a constant dialogue with ourselves.A volley of repetitive questions,and mostly similar answers.Normally we ask questions that are disparate and disconnected.We routinely ask questions that are centered in complaint,comparison,or judgement :How well is my rival/friend doing?How well am I doing compared to others?What do others think about me,speak about me?Where will this accomplishment place me compared with others?Why does he/she behave like the way they do?Why does my boss/client not understand? And so on.

These brand of questions may appear relevant,natural,or even human.Yet by no line of defence are they aligned with spectacular progress.Or growth.

The Field of Growth Questions
Aha! Now this is interesting territory.There's another species of question called "Growth Questions".Growth questions expand your existing envelope of awareness.These are questions that carry massive potential for  fulfillment beyond the presently accepted levels.These are questions that lead you onto breathtaking discovery or answers beyond the known domain.These questions help us contribute,accomplish,seek,discover,innovate,and facilitate far more than we would have otherwise done.For the purpose of finding more fulfillment,these questions help refine existing behaviour  and response to our environment.For instance you have entered the field of growth when you ask "how can I help others even when I don’t want to?" How do I permit/tolerate others' freedom of opinion,and still maintain my convictions?"

The Mutiny of Growth Questions.
Growth questions are spread across the spectrum of human involvement.Like I said they can destabilise your comfort.They spell mutiny to your comfort if you are fond of it. Here’s a slew of  examples …..…
1.How do I work hard to  improve the situation despite no sign of results yet?

2.What can I learn from this experience and apply it to success and fulfillment later?

3.How can we find common ground in order to work as a team/organisation and accomplish targets/goals in synergy?

4.What is the alternative to standoff/stalemate in this conflict.How can we find that?

5.What is the worst outcome if we decide to find some agreement here?What is the best outcome?

6.Why should I only act on one side of the argument?Why should I follow this bias/prejudice just because everybody else is doing it?

7.How can I increase my patience in routine matters?

8.Am I committed learning more about my work,business,relationships,self everyday?

9.Do have my emotions in control at all times,or am I guided by erratic moods?

10.Are there any overwhelming habits that weaken my chances of success,and have I done to remedy them? 

11.Have I decided my major goal(s) in life?And timelines for them?

12.Am I offering greater value than I am paid for?

13.Am I prompt in action or Do I procrastinate?

14.Am I able to discipline myself and stick to my plans consistently?If not, why?

15.Do I have faith in my self/respect for myself/genuine love for myself?

16.Am I able to genuinely pardon and let go of others’ mistakes/weaknesses?

17.Do I weigh my actions or words before I let loose,especially concerning others’ sentiments?

18.Can I apologize where I err?

19.Am I able to learn from defeat?

20.Do I have a system/action plan in place for success?

21.Have I developed the powerful habit of studying/strategising/thinking/planning my future projects/actions?Or do I merely react sporadically to situations?

Questions Powerfully Shift Our Focus In Life.
Questions have the power to alter our attention from the inconsequential to the significant.Terrible questions get terrible answers.When you ask great questions you receive great answers.For instance when you habitually ask “why are things not improving despite my hard work?”, you will find yourself setting yourself up for being let down as a recurring pattern in life.Conversely if you say “How can I tap into my inner strength to guarantee my success?” or “What skills or knowledge  do I need to accelerate my progress?”.You may  amaze yourself at the uplifting effect on your confidence.The positive impact of powerful questions on your focus,and hence your ability is immeasurable.Only we have to be willing to allow them into our waking awareness.That too as a habitual function,instead of a random,fitful event.

What  Questions Eventually Do 
We are swarmed by droves of questions all our lives.Among them,growth questions possess immense power to lead us onto fabulous discovery .It's only we who  habitually choose to ignore their presence.In fact,it's convenient to dismiss them summarily.Yet, as a routine, we ask questions of a very judgmental and comparative kind.But if we want to grow we must habitually ask ourselves growth questions,because they accelerate our success and fulfillment.Remember ,questions have enormous potential to shift our focus,direct our attention,and alter our destiny.

Over to you my dear friends……………

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Accept The Perfection Of The Universe

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu

Realise the presence of Infinite Intelligence which has spawned this colossus of an existence.

The best part is that it continues to create more and more.And somewhere along the way you also become an accomplice in this incessant creation.

This Cosmic Intelligence is absolutely awesome, and  infinitely powerful.It always was.And  for ever will be.You have emerged out of that intelligence and you will return to it.

Whatever is emerging out of you is also through that same Infinite Intelligence only.

Your unique originality is sufficient.And perfect.

When you realise this you also comprehend  the futility of putting up a front.You see clearly the utter wastefulness of comparison with others,and the foolishness of hankering after external appreciation.

Fully understand this,till the insight trickles through the skin- pores into your cells.Then,only then,do you stop falling under the spell of borrowed beliefs."Borrowed beliefs" are a mish-mash of a constant stream of thoughts,concepts,desires from the world ricocheting off your being.It  is the perpetual diet of imitation you feed your mind throughout life.

And this also includes cribbing,complaining,rejecting and  resisting and struggling against life at every step. 

Stop struggling against life and struggling with the past and the future.Begin to consciously accept what ever's happening.This moment is the most perfect moment in the universe,moles and warts included.

Accept it completely first.Then proceed ahead,arms outstretched,towards your fulfillment.

I invite you to share your thoughts.Over to you my friends.......

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thank The Dripping Minutes Of Ephemeral Life

All things are only transitory

Be kind, be polite,be loving ,be good to everyone in life.That's because you just never know when someone will take leave of you from this world forever.For good.

Never know when you will do that to others either.

So be calm about this life,about all you have set yourself to accomplish.Be peaceful,because that matters most to your soul journey here.Don't bother too much about what others are doing.Instead pay more attention to what you are doing FOR others.That is only wealth that you carry with you, onward.

On planet Earth there are many tasks you must accomplish.Don't give up your responsibilities.Don't give up your genuine interests either.Giving up for facile fatalism is just another vice,no better than unkindness.

So what you must do,you must do.But just go about your work peaceably.Do everything in an aura of calmness.Be happy.Feel satisfied in being kind,in being a do-gooder;in following your principles.

Be centered.Enjoy your life.Look heavenward frequently and thank the Great Intelligence for this life throbbing in your veins.

Otherwise when?

When will that day arrive where you will suddenly feel inspired to thank the Heavens for invaluable gifts?

Today is the day for that inspiration.Now is the moment.

Every sunrise and every sunset you travel through on your Earthly journey is a milestone for thanksgiving.

Be generous and prompt with your silent gratitude.

Over to you my friends.............