Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to Play The “How-Nice-It-Is-Game” And Pep Your Happiness

Why We Need It
There are times when the most sage advice will not brighten your attitudes or make you feel better.Any number of books you have read might fall short of boosting your morale really.You know that your thinking ,and your feeling is your own responsibility yet you tend to gravitate hypnotically towards deflating thoughts, memories,concepts,apprehensions.And you have tried every thing you know of, to elevate your spirits;including affirmations,yoga,calmness techniques.and the works.These are the precise moments for calling upon your ability to play a nice sport  to perk your spirits.No need to go anywhere special,you can play it wherever you are present .Its just called the How-Nice-It-Is-Game.

Subtle Influence
You see when you force yourself to think positive sometimes your mind will resist the artificial pressure to feel good.On the other hand  if you indirectly suggest something positive to your mind the impact is quite subtle and effective.So how do you play this subtly effective game to alter your mindstate?Well its really very simple. Just pick any wish,desire,aspiration or possibility and make a statement to yourself by prefixing  “how nice it is” or “how nice it would be ” to whatever you are wishing. Effectively  what you are doing is simply sliding a possibility in front  your mind to chew upon and taste it ,without goading it ,or forcefully coercing it in any way.You are gently but surely releasing your desires into the cosmic mould,and the mind just loves working overtime on such “fleeting possibilities” ,to manifest them.

Pleasant Waves
This game is also good to play when there is some disturbing subject on your “mind radar”.Interestingly  if there is a wish that you want manifested you can try this process.It surely works at calming you down and sending out ‘pleasant waves’ into your thought atmosphere.Often,before you know it you end up feeling a lot more positive about life,and the world.

How To Play With Simple Statements
I am offering some interesting “how nice it would be” statements.They are gentle, yet oozing with promise of goodness.By themselves they are powerful enough to alter your outlook.Of course you are free to exercise your own creativity to come up with subjects more dear to you for playing this game.

Let’s go.

Thoughts And Emotions
“How nice it would be if all my thoughts could be full of power and inspiration.How lovely it would be if my emotional response to everything in life were balanced,calm,happy,relaxed ,and fulfilled.”

“How nice it would be if all events of my life were to unfold exactly as I desired.And how nice it would be if I could remain calm,confident,patient and happy while I waited for my desires to unfold in their own good time!”

Response to Life
“How nice it would be if all my responses to life were calm and composed at all times, and full of strength.How nice it would be to be able to love and respect myself at all times while responding to circumstances.”

Handling situations
How nice it would be to feel capable always of handling situations and facing tasks confidently.How nice it would be to feel competent always.How nice it would feel to be in control always.

Fulfillment,Fortune Good Luck,Gratitude
“How nice it would be to constantly feel fortunate,to feel lucky ,fulfilled,and grateful  about my life and the world at large.”

How nice it would be to feel spontaneous and balanced and be open to any eventuality;ready to meet it squarely.To be able to relax and yet to be under no compulsion to control outcomes obsessively.

Self Image
“How nice it would be to feel great about myself,about my worthiness  and about the good  I deserve in life ,irrespective of outer circumstances.

“How nice it would be if I could believe in miracles lightly,easily;and because of my belief in miracles they could actually manifest!”

Constant Awareness of Positive Attitudes
“How nice it would be to be constantly aware that a high morale,fortunate,happy,calm ,composed,self loving ,feel good Positive Attitude is more important than all the wealth,all the knowledge,all opinions of society,achievements,planning , results and possibilities of this world”

Fearlessess Of The Future
“How nice it would be to live without any fear,worry ,apprehension,of the future;irrespective of any eventuality.”

Acceptance of My Uniqueness
“How nice it would be to feel okay and good about my uniqueness,accept it fully and not be under any complex,or need to ever compare myself with others.”

Self Empowerment
“How nice it would be to be able to meet all circumstances with an assurance
of capability,okayness,and confidence.To be constructive in contribution and be able to accomplish whatever I set out to do.How nice it would be to be an 'empowered rider' of life.

Extracting Advantage from Adversity
“How nice it would be to have faith in myself always to convert adversity to my advantage and always feel on top of things.”

Automatic Positive Thinking
“How nice it would be to possess a powerful  attitude whereby all my thoughts are positive,pleasant,uplifting and encouraging, by default.Where,without any effort,I could remain hooked into positivity and constantly feel good.’

                                                          Just Remember

This is a game for your mind and it has proved extremely beneficial in umpteen cases .Only remember that when you are playing with these statements you just state them mentally(or aloud if you please) and let the implied possibility softly sink in.There is absolutely no need to push and shove.It works very well and you may amaze yoursef with your creativity hitting the right solution for yourself .

It's harmless.So give it a try.

That's it for now.Over to you my friend....

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Do Not Take Your Life Too Seriously

Detached View
Becalming Perspective
Take a detached ,light view of everything happening around you from time to time.Remember you will finally pass away from this world.Only your good deeds,intentions and pleasant words will elevate your consciousness and help your evolution on all planes.In any case all actions will eventually dictate how your destiny unfolds,both now and in the afterlife..A raised consciousness will benefit you.So be calm and strong in your peace.

Stay Far From Negative Vibes

Especially stay clear of "de-magnetising" energy in the form of negative memory,concepts,and apprehensions.View them all with light detachment.Love yourself and be calm ,be happy ,be thankful ,be forgiving.

Renew Yourself

Renewal of yourself is very important.Leave behind a past self as you renew your life now.Realise there is a perfect circumstance and a perfect attitude for every aspect of life.And both of these are freely available to us.The only requirement is that we remain connected wtih uplifting and "fertilising thought feilds".

Free Capsules for Mental Renewal
  • Inflow of new thoughts can remake us.
  • The little difference makes the giant difference.And the little difference is whether you believe positively or negatively.
  • What happens around us is not as important as how we respond to whatever happens.Attitudes matter more than events.
  • Every adversity has seeds of equivalent or greater benefit.
  • There are no perfect circumstances.But there surely are spectacular attitudes.
  • It's good to be calm,really calm,under all circumstances.Happiness automatically follows calmness.And calmness is born of strength.
  • Keep your mind on things that you want and what you like.Keep it off those things you dont want and dont like.
  • What the mind can conceive and believe it can surely achieve.
  • Happiness comes closer to you the more you tilt your thoughts into it.
  • Never build a case against yourself.
  • Encourage yourself.Think of whatever you are capable of doing.Focus on your capability to do things,even scary ones, instead of discouraging yourself.
  • Whatever tasks and situations you have to face, meet them with a smile,because things have to be done anyway.So you might as well make life pleasant for yourself and others as you go around interacting with life.
Then there is another exercise, to fire your "positive fuel cells", called the" how-nice-it-is" game.More about it later,surely.

For now, over to you my friends.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Did We Question This Obsession With Self Survival?

Living In Fragments 
So much of our waking life is spent on mundane concerns;future plans,pursuits, current circumstances,their implications,then past happenings ,their future impact and possibilities.In fact,there are thousands of fragments of circumstances spread over our lives.But what about the great realities? We have simply chosen to forget them.We have relegated the greater realities to oblivion,apparently.We do not think of them at all.

Fragmented Life

Almost all of us are only concerned about our own little selves .And the survival of that little self is all what concerns us all the time.This survival is surrounded by fragments of desires,ambitions,display of prowess.It is surrounded by fragments of comparisons with others,fragments of past memories;pleasant and unpleasant.It is surrounded by fragments of opinions of others.Fragments of judgements about others.Fragments of concerns about the future;ambitions,apprehensions.It is essentially, a plethora of fragments centered around the desperate need for survival and continuation of the little self only.

Little Self Survival

But think of it:how many zillions of little selves have come to earth since millenia.And gone.All of them were concerned only with this pitiful survival of the little self.Survival, as we know, is centered around fear and insecurity.

It May Be Enjoyment

The other alternative to "little self survival" is labelling all our pursuits with a holy tag of "enjoyment".We think we are enjoying ourselves while ,in fact, we maybe merely tolerating things,conforming to societal expectations,or just flirting along the fence between satisfaction and fulfillment.Well enjoyment is good no doubt,but do we ever stand back a bit from our predicament and question our "camouflage" of borrowed beliefs?Because ,admittedly,the so called enjoyment is usually fitful,fluctuating and fragmented.

 Higher Reality?

So what else is there in this world apart from the fluctuation enveloping the human condition.Surely there is a greater reality,a higher intelligence nudging us forward to a more sublime purpose.
Yet moving towards this higher reality is fraught with widespread discomfort.It sounds so foreign.So uncool .It is unnerving because it threatens to strip us of the comfort of our "fragments"- the familiar friends.Perhaps those fragments are not the apparent elixir we make them out to be.

Quiet Questions
There Might Be an Answer,Only Might!

Now what do we do when faced with such a line of questioning?When we are walking on shaky grounds,and demanding answers of unprecedented,and profound nature?Answers we may not be willing to hear, let alone act on?
The simplest route out of the mire presently is to accept this truth;that we are living a fragmented existence mostly.And next, to sit quietly every day and examine our inner proclivities closely.Then, perhaps,through this quiet sifting of intentions we can come a bit closer to comprehending something deeper.Perhaps a faint light down the tunnel…..

Over to you my friends.