Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Accept The Perfection Of The Universe

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu

Realise the presence of Infinite Intelligence which has spawned this colossus of an existence.

The best part is that it continues to create more and more.And somewhere along the way you also become an accomplice in this incessant creation.

This Cosmic Intelligence is absolutely awesome, and  infinitely powerful.It always was.And  for ever will be.You have emerged out of that intelligence and you will return to it.

Whatever is emerging out of you is also through that same Infinite Intelligence only.

Your unique originality is sufficient.And perfect.

When you realise this you also comprehend  the futility of putting up a front.You see clearly the utter wastefulness of comparison with others,and the foolishness of hankering after external appreciation.

Fully understand this,till the insight trickles through the skin- pores into your cells.Then,only then,do you stop falling under the spell of borrowed beliefs."Borrowed beliefs" are a mish-mash of a constant stream of thoughts,concepts,desires from the world ricocheting off your being.It  is the perpetual diet of imitation you feed your mind throughout life.

And this also includes cribbing,complaining,rejecting and  resisting and struggling against life at every step. 

Stop struggling against life and struggling with the past and the future.Begin to consciously accept what ever's happening.This moment is the most perfect moment in the universe,moles and warts included.

Accept it completely first.Then proceed ahead,arms outstretched,towards your fulfillment.

I invite you to share your thoughts.Over to you my friends.......

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thank The Dripping Minutes Of Ephemeral Life

All things are only transitory

Be kind, be polite,be loving ,be good to everyone in life.That's because you just never know when someone will take leave of you from this world forever.For good.

Never know when you will do that to others either.

So be calm about this life,about all you have set yourself to accomplish.Be peaceful,because that matters most to your soul journey here.Don't bother too much about what others are doing.Instead pay more attention to what you are doing FOR others.That is only wealth that you carry with you, onward.

On planet Earth there are many tasks you must accomplish.Don't give up your responsibilities.Don't give up your genuine interests either.Giving up for facile fatalism is just another vice,no better than unkindness.

So what you must do,you must do.But just go about your work peaceably.Do everything in an aura of calmness.Be happy.Feel satisfied in being kind,in being a do-gooder;in following your principles.

Be centered.Enjoy your life.Look heavenward frequently and thank the Great Intelligence for this life throbbing in your veins.

Otherwise when?

When will that day arrive where you will suddenly feel inspired to thank the Heavens for invaluable gifts?

Today is the day for that inspiration.Now is the moment.

Every sunrise and every sunset you travel through on your Earthly journey is a milestone for thanksgiving.

Be generous and prompt with your silent gratitude.

Over to you my friends.............

Friday, 4 July 2014

Why Giving A Second Chance Is Important

Reach Out for That Second Chance
My friend walked into his doc's clinic and came out after a while, perturbed.He had been diagnosed with something serious,which he chose not to disclose.But he sure was affected by the verdict.He was upset because he trusted his physician and knew his word was good.Yet since the aftereffect, on his peace of mind, was not good enough we suggested he take a second opinion.He relented after some persuasion.Surprisingly he was given an all clear by the next expert doc to look him up.He couldn't help celebrating his relief for days afterwards.

Too often we get stuck with old biases,with obsolete judgement, and fail to give ourselves a second chance.

We don't give second chances to others either.

Righteousness Is A Block

We suffer needlessly,where a little extra courage could deliver a vastly different reality to experience.We hesitate to re-approach the same situation from a different side.Righteousness overtakes well being and commonsense.Usually stubborn minds stumble even where there is no obstacle.Unwillingness to seek an alternative view is an internal roadblock.

You Owe It To Yourself

On the path of self improvement you owe it to yourself to give, and take a second chance.Its one of  life's greatest gifts you can offer yourself.So what if you fumbled once?So what if someone else has not given you a fair deal?What do you do?

Give a second chance.Consider yourself strong enough to do that.

Cosmic Adjustments

The entire cosmos moves forward through constant adjustments.These "small-change" moves are evolutionary in effect.And it is only possible through open gateways.That is a strong reason to keep your doors open.Offering a second chance is like opening a gate.For growth,for change,for improvement and for fulfilment at every turn on life's meandering road.

Nothing is Static

Nothing is meant to remain static and absolute in the universe.Because that is a straight route to decay and disintegration.You,as a creative,intelligent  human being ,are responsible to contribute your bit to the growth of the universe.
And to yourself.

So give a second chance.

Let go.Pardon.Forgive.Smile.Release the past baggage.Extend a handshake once again.Do something good despite someone $%#@ .Stop expecting rudeness/negativity (yes that's a second chance too).Stop focusing  only on faults;in people,in things,in yourself.Stop remembering all the ##$$%%#   of the past.

Decide A Time Limit

If this is difficult to follow constantly, then at least decide to give a second chance for a short while.Maybe one single day of second chances;to start with.Then extend this period to one week of second chances.Its just a matter of time before it becomes second nature.Eventually you give yourself a second chance to fulfill yourself,to enjoy life,to encourage,and inspire to others.You gain immeasurable confidence through your sheer strength of persistence.

The gains you make through your second chances are not only material,but mental and spiritual as well.

Second chances make you stronger ,in the long run.So give a second chance to your erring neighbour ,and to your kids,and to your spouse.Remember you deserve one too!!

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on second chances..