Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fascinating Search for Emotional Balance

Whoa What Am I Feeling!
 “I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”― Oscar Wilde

Emotions and feelings define our life experience  more accurately than any other factor.The constant set of emotions we feel throughout the day dictate how we encounter the  life.Yet most of us never evaluate our emotions or the range of colours they represent,nor the impact they have on our life experience.

Assessment of our emotions and feelings is an essential duty we owe our personal mind- body systems.No one else ,other than us ,is responsible for our emotional responses to situations. Two people under similar challenging  circumstances, are likely to respond in diametric opposition to each other.This varying response to stimulus proves that our emotions are not prisoner to external situations. Instead, they are enslaved to our choices.And we ourselves are responsible for our choices,no one else.

When we decide to do so,we will find ourselves constantly experiencing fabulous emotions.Regardless of external stimuli.This is a reality for scores of people who choose  to select empowering  emotions over dis empowering ones,in all circumstances.

Empowering emotions,simply leave you feeling balanced,calm,confident,pleasant,happy,strong ,capable,and centered.Yet they don’t have to ever leave you.They can remain with you as long as you want.In fact the real blessing is when you make a habit out of them,through repetitive cycles of  empowering emotional responses,over a wide range of circumstance and stimuli.

1.What kind of emotions do I usually,constantly feel?How many of my emotions are in my inventory simply because I imitate others' emotions,even when they don't fulfill me?

2.What do I want to,prefer to,constantly feel?

3.Have my constant feelings changed over time or are they the same as years before?

4.What can I do to change my constant feelings?What can I do on my own to feel fabulous incrementally ,as time passes?

5.Can my constant feelings change?Am I imprisoned by a set of emotions associated with old memories,or those attached with apprehension about the future?Who is forcing me to feel negative emotions?

6.Do I remain balanced ,centered,composed,confident mostly?Or do my feelings change frequently with changing events?Is this okay?If not, why should I continue to  accept this roller coaster emotional  situation?

“Good manners have much to do with the emotions. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.”
― Amy Vanderbilt

7.When challenging situations come my way,do I avoid,and resist them due to possible emotional turbulence?Or do I deal with situations,while keeping my emotional balance perfectly intact? If not,what can I do to develop the critical life-skill of emotional balance,and emotional empowerment?

8.Who is a role model for me in maintaining calm,composed,empowered,balanced feelings at all times?

9.As I encounter varied life-situations,people,circumstances,and tasks do I sacrifice my calm, composure,empowerment easily?Or do I maintain a constant balance of emotions?

10.What actions can I take to learn the skill of remaining calm under all circumstances?

11.Which feelings would I like to experience constantly, or most of the time?Happy,enthusiastic,cheerful,calm,optimistic,reassured,okay,a little worried,suspicious,apprehensive,anxious,irritated,agitated,angry,or fed up?

12. Where do I genuinely stand?In reality what do I usually feel most times out of all the emotions mentioned above?What ,or who is stopping me from experiencing the most fulfilling emotions?

13.Which emotions am I more prone to feel?In my estimate what is the reason for that?Is imitating erratic emotional response of other people ever a choice for enhancing my life experience?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”
― Helen Keller

14.The kind of emotions that I am more prone to feeling ,how to they enhance the quality of my life’s experience in any way?If not,what is my role in improving things?

15.Am I aware of the sensations in my body,connected to various feelings and emotions?Do they tell me something about myself?

16.Can I commit myself to changing my life experience by changing my habitual feelings-emotions-makeup ?

17.Empowering feelings and emotions are more important than wealth,fame,accomplishment,or sharp intellect.Do I give empowering feelings their due importance?Or do I jump erratically from one emotion to another without discretion?

18.Do I hold others ,or outside circumstances, responsible for my constant feeling emotion makeup?

19.When do I feel good emotions? What are those circumstances? Can I feel great emotions only during those circumstances,or around those people?Or can I be empowered and free to chose my emotions as I and when I want?

20.Which emotions would I like to  let go?What is holding me back if I genuinely want to let go of negative emotions?

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”
― Eckhart Tolle

21.Is it possible to shift my existing range emotions to more empowering ones within the next one week,one month,two months,or six months?How much time do I need?

22.Do I know that repetition of emotions sets the stage for further experience of the same range of emotions? Am I aware that certain emotions in my life have been set on “auto”,and they crop up at even the remotest semblance of similar stimuli ?

23. Since emotions can be deliberately set on auto,which emotions can I consciously repeat again and again so that I can experience fabulous emotions on auto?

24.There is an emotional body that I carry around with me for my entire life time.Am I aware of such an entity?Do I have the ability to experience fabulous, new emotions,or am I going on experiencing the same emotions that I did when I was a teen?By the end of my life what kind of emotions do I mostly want myself to be associated?

25.Have I evolved emotionally?Has my repertoire of emotions improved since the last ten years?Has my emotional growth led me to feel more stable and composed in various circumstances?Or do I continue to experience the same emotions with the same challenging stimuli?

26.One simple way out of dis empowering emotions is to select more empowering words to label our experiences,and the emotions associated with them.What empowering words can I select to describe some challenging situations,incidents of the past?

Over to you my friends..........

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Social Relationships Part II

Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people.
-Arthur Schopenhauer

Get Along With Everyone
1.Can I stay calm and composed in social or professional dealings with others;especially in settings where sensitive/controversial/conflicting interests are involved?If not,what means can I devise to gain calm confidence in social dealings?Do I even consider this important?What do I stand to lose being calm,and pleasant in all social transactions?

2. Am I a constant judge of people?Do I spend the larger chunk of my time judging,categorizing,and building mental barricades against people;instead of encountering them openly,spontaneously?

3. Can I decide a certain threshold below which I will never stoop in terms of civility and politeness in social dealings?Do I use swear words and epithet ,just to prove my “toughness”,particularly because I need to project an image of sorts?

4. Do I maintain the self control and restraint to be considerate about others’ sentiments at all times?

5. Do I know that there is a cosmic law of cause and effect,also called the law of Karma?Do I know that all interpersonal transactions leave an invisible psychic impression on us,positive or negative,that operates the law of Karma?What I do to others(in thought,word,or action) inevitably comes back to me ?Am I aware that even what I think about others habitually comes back to influence me and my future relationships?

6.Am I polite and civil to so-called “insignificant” folk mostly;waiters,cabbies,janitors,working class etc? Or am I loud and boorish?Am I judgmental in deciding whether someone deserves assistance or help from me? Am I confident and strong enough to help others even when they may never have the potential to repay me?

7. According to profound truth all our relationships,and their tendency;positive,negative,or normal,is our own responsibility.There is something that we have surely done,in thought, word or action that  has culminated in this tendency.Am I willing to accept  responsibility for whatever is happening in my social relationships?Do I lack the understanding ,or the courage,to accept this responsibility?

8. Can I muster the strength,and wisdom  to witness  certain aspects of a relationship with detachment?Does everybody always have to agree with me, before I start liking them, or myself ?Can I have the creative  intelligence to constantly increase my sense of enjoyment and empowerment in relationships? Is it possible to rid myself of imaginary projections and fallacious fears about being short changed in relationships?

9.We invariably harbor expectations from others; material, monetary, physical, mental, and emotional. Can I interact with others without the colossal weight of expectations pressing on my mind?Can I drop the yearning for approval and appreciation from others;at least for some time?And can I extend it to longer duration?

10.We are social animals.Relationships inevitably facilitate our social evolution, and personal growth.Do I understand the importance of my social relationships in this context?Can I approach people,and all relationships objectively,as a medium of growth?Can I appreciate that all relationships are opportunities for personal growth? Can I be strong and soft simultaneously,and like and enjoy all people? What would that feel like?

11.Do I feel valued and confident only when others validate me through approval,acknowledgement,and praise?Can I build my own confidence,without relying on others’ approval for feeling good?Do I tend to feel resentful towards others about not approving, appreciating, understanding ,or agreeing with me?

12. This is for sure…we will all pass away one day.Assuming we all live very long lives;by the time of my departure, what kind a person do I want to feel I am? Wise, loving,kind, positive,happy,humourous,considerate?Or someone with traits I would dislike witnessing in anyone else?

13. What kind of memories of people do I usually tend to hold longer in my mind?Which memories about people recur to me more often than others?Pleasant ,positive ones;or “others”?Since no one from outside is tying us with a rope and “force-feeding” memories,who is responsible for what I frequently remember about people?What impact do my repetitive memories about people have on my life-fulfillment-index?Do I have the freedom and control over what I choose remember about people ,or not?

14.What do I lose doing a good turn for even those who are habitually unpleasant?Is it easy  for me to say “thanks”,  “sorry” ,or “please” to people even when I know they can do nothing significant for me?What does humility mean to me?What kind of signal does the term humility send to me in my deepest core?A signal of weakness, or of strength?What does that say about me?

15.Can I let go of past unpleasant stuff easily?Can I forgive completely in my relationships?Can I adhere to the principle of “keeping my heart soft and my mind tough”.How easy or difficult is it for me to accept the difference that all people inevitably present to my existence?Can I easily bring myself to look for the good,pleasant ,and noble in others,and appreciate it?Do I have the strength to openly appreciate others?

16.Am I more bothered about what others think of me ,than what I think of them?Can I always intend well for others?Can I habitually transmit  deliberate,silent good will for everybody I meet in life?What do I stand to lose doing that?What do I lack in taking this action;understanding?Or courage?

17.Dr Victor  Frankl(holocaust survivor) speaks about the importance of the gap between stimulus and response in all activity in life.The effect of this simple discipline is amazingly powerful and progressive .How can I exploit the benefit of the gap between stimulus and response in my interpersonal interactions?

18.In transactions between people karma always works to bring about balance.Negativity ,at some point,in some form, returns to the originator.So does positivity.Where do I stand in the origination of karma in my thought,word,or action where others are concerned?

19.Do I acknowledge, cherish,and  bless goodness in people in my life?Or instead of that,do I spend more time ruminating over unpleasant traits in people?Do I spend more time appreciating good traits in other people or do I usually attribute motives to their good deeds also?What kind of a person do I become,in either case?

20.Am I over reactive and touchy about peoples’ behavior?If I am overly touchy about people,and overreact to their words ,and actions who is responsible finally?A lot of our dealing with people is coloured by bias,prejudice and perception. Where I perceive negativity in interpersonal transactions can I practice under reacting ?Do I have the wisdom and strength to do so?

Over to you my friends..............

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fascinating Search For The Future

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

1. Why is the future ,and planning for it, important to me at all? Do I know anyone who has generated massive success ,without developing a systematic action plan for the future?

2. Where/who  can I turn to for tapping into creative ideas for envisioning a fantastic future? After that ,how do I plan action for manifesting that reality?

3.What do I feel about  my future normally?Is it encouraging,uplifting and pleasing?Is it just O.K?Is it discouraging?If so why should I continue thinking like that?Why should my vision of my future not become increasingly encouraging?

4.Where will I be living 5 years from today?10 years?Which kind of house?Which kind of city?Same as now?Or someplace better?

5. Where will I be working 10 years from now?Which field?Same as the present?Do I like it or do I want something different?If something different,can I change it?

6. What is going to be my work content in the coming future?If my present work is not satisfying in content,or reward,can I explore the possibility of creating, or reaching out to something more fulfilling,more rewarding?

7.What actions can I initiate for creating massive wealth and abundance in my future?

8.What  creative steps can I take to make my  attitude towards the future increasingly optimistic, and encouraging?

9.How do I connect my past to my future? Do I remember encouraging memories, and past successes ; and project them into the future?Or do I end up projecting something "else"?Where is that taking me?

10. Where do I see myself in physical and health terms 5 years from now?10 years?15?If I have a vision,or even an idea of what I like,what can I do to advance in that direction?

11. How easily will I be able to earn exponentially in the future,save more than now,invest better,and serve more people? .Where do I see myself financially 5 years from today?10 years?20?

12.Is there a better way of doing something that I am currently  doing, to increase my chances of creating a terrific future?Am I willing to even consider it?

13.Do I sincerely want to reach my goals in the future?Am I committed to improving my future prospects? Having committed can I explore creative ways of building action plans;gently first,and then more vigourously?

14.Will I ever be able to reach my future goals?Do I ask myself this question honestly?And having asked, can I honestly listen to ,and repeat the inner response I receive?Then progress according to plan?

15.Does my concern for my future interfere with the  enjoyment of my present?Or does preoccupation with the present completely overwhelm my planning for the future?

16.Do I have any systematic action plans for improving my future prospects?Have I even considered it?When will that golden day suddenly arrive in my life when I will make systematic action plans for the future? What can I do to begin planning today?

17. Should I feel concerned or apprehensive about my future?Do I think it is “realistic”,and hence justified?Is there someone compelling  me to think like that?Can I practice more positive and optimistic attitudes towards my future?

18.Mostly we suffer from not knowing what we exactly,precisely, want from our future.Is it possible that I am not exactly clear about my vision. How can I devise ways of finding out what I exactly want from my  future?Who can I contact for finding out more about this?

19.Quantum physics and New Age thinking points to the existence of our envisioned reality in the future,right now .Where is the bright future that I desire right now?How can I discover ways of reaching there,of entering that desired reality?Do I want to explore this dimension as an exciting possibility ?Or, in my laziness, do I want to dismiss it as a queer fad,and miss out on the probable benefits?

20.It is known that anything that we repeatedly focus on manifests, through the repetitive thought vibrations unleashed. How can I design a future in my mind,and stick  to the vision assiduously so as to manifest it?

Over to you my friends..........